Human trafficking is happening in Bali

Help us to stop it.

People are being trafficked in Bali

Many women and children are being coerced and exploited for sex in Bali. Most of the women forced to work in brothels are trafficked from outside of Bali, while the children are Balinese village or street children. Women and children are held under debt-bondage with the threat of themselves or their families being harmed if they try to run away. This is a crime. These people are being trafficked.

We can't stop what we can't see

Significant signs for individuals potentially selling sex

  • Is the person closely guarded?
  • Does the person have any signs of physical abuse, such as cigarette burns or tattoos indicating ownership?
  • Is the person allowed to keep the money they make? A trafficked sex worker will have restricted or no access to earnings
  • Is there any evidence that the person has been forced, intimidated or coerced into providing sexual services?
  • Are there any signs the person is experiencing emotional trauma as a result of the work they are doing?

Spotting a brothel in Bali

Many brothels, especially in Kuta and Sanur, will house 50 women and children who are a mix of sex workers, trafficking victims and child trafficking victims.

The brothels are invisible to most people. They are usually small houses that blend into the neighbourhood. The brothels for more “high-end clients” are located in Kuta and Sanur. Reports have indicated that the brothels in Sanur are marked with a small yellow sign that reads “XX.”

Get help and support

In an emergency, contact Geresa Bali on +628155790003. If you or someone you know needs help, advice or support contact these local organisations:

Gerasa Bali

Gerasa Bali is one of the leading NGOs in Bali supporting trafficked victims. They provide safehouses for women and children and a means to restart their lives.



Project Karma

Project Karma in an NGO that aims to combat the sexual exploitation of children through South East Asia.



Dark Bali aims to end sex trafficking and restore broken lives through awareness and advocacy. They forge partnerships to prevent, rescue and restore.


Indonesia Aid

Indonesia Aid is a non-profit organization working to bring change in the world of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in S.E. Asia


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