Your community here in the UK: protect the bagong bayani

We hear stories of Filipino domestic workers being subjected to unfair working hours, violence, and emotional or sexual abuse. This is illegal in the UK, and you can play a part in stopping it. The Filipino community has an opportunity to join together and support those who need help.

You may have encountered a domestic worker who needs help, whether out in the community, in the park, at the shops or at the school gates. There are signs you can spot.

During Coronavirus lockdown measures, their working conditions could have worsened, so now is the time to take action.

If you are a domestic worker

If you are a domestic worker and worried about your situation, you can find support.

Spotting the signs of exploitation

Opportunities to spot the signs can present themselves at any time. Even while observing social distancing, you may notice or hear something that doesn’t feel right. Trust your instincts. 

Any of these could be a sign of exploitation:

The rights of all workers in the UK

  • The right to the National Minimum Wage, which is £8.72 per hour for anyone over the age of 25 
  • The right to access their passport  
  • The right to a break of at least 20 minutes every 6 hours of work 
  • The right to be paid their full salary on time 
  • The right to 5.6 weeks’ paid time off work every year, plus paid sick leave 
  • The right to access healthcare and medical services 
  • The right to a safe working environment, free from threats of physical, emotional or sexual abuse 

How to take action

If someone is at immediate risk, call 999 

If you know a domestic worker who needs support, you can give them the details of these organisations who can help: 

The Voice of Domestic Workers

The Voice of Domestic Workers provides free support to domestic workers, along with educational and community activities, including English language lessons and employment advice. They can help domestic workers leave an abusive employer and assist with emergency accommodation.

07528 705442

[email protected]



Kalayaan provides free confidential advice and support for domestic workers. They offer advice on immigration and workers’ rights.

020 7243 2942

[email protected]


Filipino Domestic Workers' Association

FDWA-UK is a self-help group of Filipino migrant domestic workers in the United Kingdom. It aims to defend the rights and welfare of its members from any form of abuse and exploitation.

[email protected]


Kanlungan Filipino Consortium

As a member of the Filipino community, if you have any questions about your rights in the UK, you can contact Kanlungan Filipino Consortium. Kanlungan is an organisation of Filipino migrants in the UK and provides support on welfare, employment and migration issues. They campaign for the rights of migrants to access health, public services and leave to remain for undocumented people in the UK.

0203 893 1871

[email protected]



If you are concerned about a domestic worker being exploited, you can report the incident anonymously and securely by downloading the STOP APP