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Regardless of your legal status in the UK, it is against the law for your employer to deny your workers’ rights. If you are concerned that your rights are not being respected, contact these local organisations for confidential help and advice.

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EVERYONE who works in the UK has legal rights

These include:  

  • Right to the National Minimum Wage (NMW)
    The UK has a national minimum wage.  As of the 1 April 2018, people aged 25 and over are entitled to a minimum wage of £7.83 per hour.  Those aged 21 to 24 years are entitled to £7.38 per hour. 
  • Rights to breaks and holidays
    If you work more than six hours in a day, you are entitled to a break of twenty minutes. You are entitled to one day off per week, or two days every two weeks.  
  • Legal requirement to opt in to 48hr+ working weeks
    You should not have to work more than 48 hours a week, including overtime, unless you have chosen to do so 
  • Record of payment
    You should receive an itemised pay slip on the day you are paid. 
  • Deductions to pay
    Any deductions to your pay should be listed clearly in your pay slip. It is common to have deductions for tax and National Insurance. Other deductions, for example for travel or food, may not be legal. 
  • Right to safe and clean working environment
    Your employer has a legal responsibility for your health and safety at work. You should be provided with health and safety training and protective equipment free of charge.  

GLAA Workers' Rights Pamphlet

For more information, download the GLAA Workers’ Rights Pamphlet here: 


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The pamphlet is available in other languages here.

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