Being pressured to provide sexual services is exploitation

We respect the active choice of men and women happily and independently sex working in the UK. However, if you feel like you are being pressured into offering sexual services against your will, there is support available to help you out of your situation.

You should seek free, confidential and reliable help if you have:

  • Had payment withheld when providing sexual services, even if it’s a one off or while working for someone else 
  • Been pressured to perform sexual services by someone controlling your access to money (including access to your bank account or Universal Credit) 
  • Been asked to provide sexual services to pay back a debt 
  • Felt pressured by a partner to provide sexual services to others and not receiving any of the payment 
  • Been pressured to provide sexual services to pay for other people’s drug or alcohol use 
  • Been pressured to perform sexual services by someone controlling your access to substances 
  • Performed sexual services while underage 
  • Been given a place to stay in return for providing sexual services 
  • Been threatened with eviction if you don’t provide sexual services 
  • Been blackmailed with private photographs, or in other ways, to provide sexual services 
  • Felt afraid to refuse provision of sexual services because of threats of violence, sexual abuse or sexual violence 

Support available can include:

If you decide to reach out to a support service for free, confidential advice, there are other services available too. You can:

  • Discuss problems with a caseworker
  • Have a sexual health check-up 
  • Get help and support with attending appointments 
  • Develop new skills and confidence 
  • Work to address your problems  

For information on how to keep safe when sex working, visit the MASH website: 

Their website also has more general information and advice related to: 

Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH)

We offer non-judgmental support to women who sex work on the street, in saunas and as escorts. Support is provided through an outreach van, outreach into saunas, a City Centre Drop-In and the website. MASH offers help to women sex working on the streets, sex working in saunas or massage parlours, sex working independently (as escorts) and doing webcam or phone sex work.

Freephone: 0800 183 0499

[email protected]


Further support

If you think you, or someone you know, is experiencing exploitation, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

In an emergency, dial 999.