Staying safe from exploitation

This page provides safety advice and information about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. You can also find contact details of legitimate organizations that can provide support.

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1. What is sexual exploitation?

2. Where can sexual exploitation take place?

3. Who can be a perpetrator?

4. Recruitment and control methods

5. Online exploitation

6. How to stay safe

7. How to seek support

8. Debt bondage

9. Forced Marriage

Are you experiencing any of these?

If any of these apply to you, know that support is available.

What is sexual exploitation?

Understanding the difference between sexual exploitation and autonomous sex work.

Signs of Sexual Exploitation

Key signs of sexual exploitation to look for.

Sexual Exploitation can happen in multiple places

Sexual Exploitation can happen online and in-person.

Potential perpetrators

Perpetrators are not always strangers. They can be relatives, friends, or anyone who can take advantage of you.

Recruitment and control methods

Exploiters use different tactics to recruit victims and control them in the long-term.

Online Exploitation

Understanding Online Exploitation.

How to stay safe from exploitation

Tips to stay safe from exploitation. Take a screenshot to save these and share them with others to protect them.

Relationship red flags

Watch out for these signs that may indicate that someone does not have your best interest.

Debt Bondage

One of the key ways that perpetrators control victims is through debt bondage.

How to seek support

There are organizations that can provide support and care to victims of exploitation. You are not alone and help is available.

If you are in immediate danger please get in touch with a trusted contact or with law enforcement on 112.

If you need support, please contact  eLiberare for free confidential advice  from Monday to Friday. We can also refer you to our partner organization IJM.


eLiberare is a non-profit organization fighting against trafficking in person and sexual exploitation in Romania for over 10 years.

Crisis Textline: +4 0757.749.845

Email: [email protected]

                  International Justice Mission

IJM utilizes a multidisciplinary, holistic and trauma informed approach to support victims of trafficking. Depending on the needs and circumstances of a particular case, services may include legal representation, safeguarding, psycho-social support, and other social services.

Please contact us through this email to be referred to IJM: [email protected]

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