Anti-Trafficking Training

We deliver bespoke training to businesses and financial institutions. Find out more below.


Since 2013, STOP THE TRAFFIK has partnered with businesses and financial institutions who want to address the risk of modern slavery in their operations, supply chains, and customers, facilitated by our team of specialists. 

Modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) is a constantly evolving crime that demands an equally quickly evolving training that is updated constantly to the real-time changes in trafficking typologies, trends and routes. With this in mind, we are uniquely positioned to deliver highly effective trainings powered by real case studies and with content updated continually by data garnered from our database, the Traffik Analysis Hub, which is the largest global database on MSHT. Having trained over 37,000 people across financial institutions, businesses, statutory services, charities and councils, we bring a real wealth of experience.  

We offer bespoke solutions that enable your organisation to manage the risk of modern slavery, protecting your brand and supporting your organisation to be an ethical market leader. 


Our services are ideal for:

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    Hospitality Businesses

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    E-commerce Businesses

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    Procurement and Manufacturing

Bespoke Packages for Businesses

Bespoke packages are tailored to the request of your business. By the end of the bespoke workshop, you will: 

  • Have an in depth understanding of MSHT topics, risk factors and indicators as they relate to your sphere of business. 
  • Have a clear understanding of safeguarding procedures in your company. 
  • Gain an insight into potential areas of MSHT risk in your supply chain and in the geographic area(s) of your operations. 
  • Understand how MSHT operates within your specific sector or geographical location, including tailored ‘spot the signs’ indicators.
  • A recording of the training for any absent colleagues or new starters.
  • A bespoke landing page covering training content and detailing learnings for your internal use and reference.

Financial Institutions

Our services are ideal for: 

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    Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Units

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    Front Line Staff / Branch Staff

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    Pension Funds

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    Commercial/Investment Banking

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    Relationship Managers

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    Fund Management

Bespoke Packages for Financial Institutions

Bespoke packages are tailored to the request of the financial institution. By the end of a bespoke workshop, we may: 

  • Understand how MSHT operates within your specific sector or geographical location, including tailored ‘spot the signs’ indicators.
  • Include reporting tools as they relate to your institution or area of focus.
  • Have a discussion around your policies and procedures and review their suitability in a MSHT context.

We offer: UK training, international training, certificates, follow up Q&A sessions once learning has been embedded, in person and virtual sessions. 


“Working with STOP THE TRAFFIK has enabled a greater understanding of the numerous guises of human trafficking and the potential opportunities to detect, deter and disrupt, protecting the most vulnerable.” Samantha Margiotta, Senior Manager, Financial Intelligence Unit, Santander 

“STOP THE TRAFFIK’s knowledge, skills and support have been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this work over the next year and beyond.” – Rosana Elias, Head of Responsible Sourcing, Whitbread 

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