A page for people, affected by dam collapse

This page offers tips on how to protect yourself from people who might try to take advantage of you current situation and where you can find support.


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6 tips to keep yourself protected

Questions to ask if someone offers you help

Details of support organisations in Ukraine

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According to official information, more than 40,000 people must evacuate due to the explosion of a dam in Ukraine.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may feel scared and alone. Offers of help may seem a way out of a difficult situation, but it’s imperative you are careful of entering potential exploitative situations.

Please read our tips on how to stay safe from exploitation and what to do if someone wants to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Check out the list of support organisations ready to help during this difficult time.

* Сlick here if you are planning leave the country.

6 tips to keep yourself protected

Most people want to help you, but there may be some who shouldn’t be trusted. Don’t believe the first story you hear.

Here are 6 tips to keep yourself protected:

Remember, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Questions to ask if someone offers you help

People might approach you offering help, that does not mean that you can always trust them. There are some people that will make promises to you, but will have other motives. 

If approached by anyone, with offers of support of help, you should ask questions before trusting them.

About shelter

Or about transportation

Always share the details of any offer with a trusted contact.

If the person is not able to give clear answers, don’t take the risk.

Details of support organisations in Ukraine

Here are organisations that can support and help you in different ways. Please mention STOP THE TRAFFIK if you contact any of the organisations listed below.

If you or anyone you know are in immediate danger, ring the police by dialling 102.

The Ministry of Reintegration hotline

The Hotline is operated by the team of the Ministry of Reintegration, which answers questions about: Evacuation of civilians to safe areas. Notification of places and times of gathering. Route of movement within humanitarian corridors. Places of arrival and organized provision of first aid to evacuees. Working 24/7



Government Hotline on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Prevention and Response to Domestic Violence, Gender-Based Violence and Violence against Children

Government hotline that works 24/7, free of charge, anonymously and confidentially



La Strada Ukraine

La Strada Ukraine is a public human rights organisation working to ensure gender equality, peace building, prevention of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, combating human trafficking and ensuring the rights of children, promoting human rights standards in all spheres of society and the state.

+380 44 205 36 95

[email protected]


La Strada National hotline for the prevention of domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination

Anonymously. Confidentially. Free. Working 24/7. Contact 116 123 or 0 800 500 335

0 800 500 335

[email protected]


Caritas Ukraine

Caritas Ukraine’s social service programmes have established rehabilitation centres for individuals struggling with substance abuse, they provide reintegration assistance for Ukrainian migrants, render direct assistance and seminars to prevent human trafficking

+38 067 374 91 90

[email protected]


Download the STOP APP

The STOP APP enables anybody who knows, has seen or even heard a situation that they believe to be human trafficking, to talk about it in a safe and secure space. You can report the incident anonymously and securely through the STOP APP. There will be no record of the report submitted on your phone. The STOP APP is available in Ukrainian language.

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Let us know. You can report your suspicions or observations by downloading our STOP APP.  Make sure you are in safe place away from the suspected incident when making the report.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a human trafficking prevention organisation. This app collects individuals’ stories of global human trafficking to disrupt and prevent this crime. We are not a rescue organisation and this app is not monitored 24/7 but will be checked on the next working day.  If anyone is in immediate danger or a crime has been committed please contact trusted authorities.