Chab Dai, a Cambodian anti-trafficking organisation, has become the latest collaborator with STOP THE TRAFFIK, sharing a database of survivor stories into our Traffik Analysis Hub. They join a growing collective of data partners all committed to preventing and eradicating trafficking through meaningful collaboration and data sharing

Chab Dai, founded in Cambodia in 2005 by Helen Sworn, is a coalition of diverse stakeholders committed to working together to abolish all forms of sexual abuse, human trafficking and exploitation. Chab Dai aims to bring an end to trafficking and sexual exploitation through coalition building, community prevention, advocacy and research.

The organisation was also recognised at STOP THE TRAFFIK’s recent Data to Disrupt Trafficking Awards in London, receiving a commendation for ‘Lived Experience Led Disruption’ for their Butterfly research project, which follows the journeys of survivors as they reintegrate back into society following rehabilitation and aftercare.

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Traffik Analysis Hub is currently the largest global dataset of human trafficking and modern slavery data – only possible through the sharing and pooling of datasets across multiple industries and sectors. It gathers data from a wide range of sources, pairing it with cognitive, AI and ML technologies to identify patterns and provide insights to users – which includes financial institutions, banks, supply chain businesses, NGOs, researchers and law enforcement agencies.

“We launched Traffik Analysis Hub to initiate a collaborative, data-sharing movement that empowers organisations globally in the fight to end human trafficking,” said Rebekah Lisgarten, STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Operations Director.

“The collective knowledge of human trafficking as experienced by survivors and those on the front line helping them is consistently the missing element in informing preventative strategies against trafficking. We are thrilled to have Chab Dai collaborate with us and join the growing community of 140+ Traffik Analysis Hub participants.”

NGOs and CSOs that support survivors have a pivotal role to play in fixing the modern slavery data gap. If you would like to join our growing community of data partners, please email: [email protected].

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