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We can’t stop it if we can’t see it.
Have you seen something that doesn’t look right?
Do you have suspicions you may have seen something related to human trafficking or modern slavery?

Our work is data-led and you can be a part of directly shaping the response to human trafficking prevention by sharing what you know or have experienced. Your safety, security and privacy is paramount. However you choose to share information with us, you can always remain anonymous. We are not an emergency response organisation. If you or someone you know are in immediate danger, contact a trusted local organisation or your local emergency services.

Use the STOP APP

The STOP APP can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere in the world who has access to a smartphone. The app is anonymous, confidential and secure – it is available in 15 languages and allows you to submit suspicious activity quickly by sending text based messages and uploading photos and videos.

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Use our online form

If you prefer to report through a computer, then this can be completed on our online intelligence reporting form.

Access the online form

Reporting as a business

If you identified potential cases of modern slavery in your supply chains and would like to explore bespoke solutions on how you can correctly share data around these cases alongside an escalation process then please get in touch with us.

[email protected]

Reporting as an NGO

We have trusted data sharing relationships with global NGOs that are integral to our model, by sharing data you are:

  • Placing those with lived experience at the heart of change
  • Gaining insights on your delivery work that can have multiple benefits
  • Contributing to a global network of people working to prevent and respond to human trafficking.

For information on how to safely share your data and receive bespoke insights please contact us.

[email protected]

What we do with the data

We already have over 60,000 reports and over a million reports in the Traffik Analysis Hub – if you want to help us to build an even clearer picture of how and where trafficking is happening, so we and other actors can best respond, then please report or get in touch.

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The first of its kind in combining; community empowerment, big data management and anti-trafficking expertise to disrupt, combat and prevent the global issues of human trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation.

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