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We harness the power of people, data and technology to disrupt the illegal business of trafficking.

Traffik Analysis Hub

If you need to understand what the traffickers are doing, we hold the largest collection of available global information on routes and hotspots of human trafficking. Designed in collaboration with IBM, our data warehouse contains over a million data items on human trafficking and is home to more than 140 active member organisations.

The Traffik Analysis Hub (TA Hub) facilitates the sharing of information quickly and easily and combines a range of information from a number of different sources, in one secure database. In doing so, it produces one single, standardised dataset which is customisable and interactive for use by any organisation looking to disrupt the illegal trade of human trafficking.

Data to Disrupt

Data-Driven Solutions

We facilitate the sharing of information between a variety of different stakeholders to create an accurate and comprehensive view of global trafficking trends. With this information, our team of analysts and investigators generate meaningful insights which are then fed back to our community of multi-sector stakeholders to enhance and guide their modern slavery response. Our community of stakeholders includes Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Financial Institutions (FIs), local councils, academia, and business clients.

We offer a secure online platform (TA Hub) for data and intelligence sharing, along with expert analysis and intelligence gathering. This allows our partners to carry out meaningful interceptions and preventative measures in real-time.

We are committed to demonstrating how data collection and sharing can serve your organisation and further the delivery of your mission. By joining TA Hub and our data and intelligence community, you will gain access to the largest global dataset of modern slavery and human trafficking data, regular intelligence publications authored by our team of intelligence analysts, and pioneering artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. With all of this, your operations can be data-driven, highly effective and more impactful – as well as making you a pioneer of change in your sector.

Reach out to us and we can help you transform a network of organisations and drive trafficking out of your sector [email protected].

We are transforming London’s response to human trafficking

With funding from City Bridge Trust, STOP THE TRAFFIK has been running the ‘Pan-London Project’ aimed at transforming how London responds to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.  The project enables London boroughs, third-sector partners, the healthcare industry, and the police to safely share anonymised data about incidents of modern slavery, building up a rich picture of how trafficking is happening in London and informing a local response. The right data is crucial for local authorities and the third sector, to determine where to allocate resources, and what communities to reach out to, as well as identify potential underlying causes or factors placing people at risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Modern Slavery Intelligence Network

The Modern Slavery Intelligence Network (MSIN) is a pioneering non-profit collaboration in the UK food and agriculture sector. For over 2 years, the 14 network members have been working together developing an innovative and proactive intelligence-sharing mechanism to enhance their effectiveness to disrupt modern slavery and labour exploitation within UK supply chains. STOP THE TRAFFIK provides a secure platform for information and intelligence sharing, along with expert analysis and guidance on modern slavery prevention. Members share details of suspected incidents of modern slavery or worker exploitation through the online platform with STOP THE TRAFFIK, we then analyse and enrich the data using dedicated tools and resources.

For more information, and how you can get involved, please visit

We provide regional insights to communities across the world

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Power of 10 programmes help turn the experiences of human trafficking survivors, as told to NGOs and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that support them, into dynamic visualised datasets.

The idea is simple: ten organisations, share ten survivor stories to create a dataset of one-hundred trafficking cases. STOP THE TRAFFIK’s team of analysts then produce interactive data dashboards that generate meaningful insights that help build a better understanding of trafficking trends.

Our Power of 10 programmes are comprised of 2 workshops that take place across 2 months. In 2022 alone we have run the initiative in various locations including Greece, London and East Africa.


Originally launched in 2016, STOP THE TRAFFIK’s “STOP APP” is the first of its kind to enable people anywhere in the world to report suspicious incidents of human trafficking – putting the power to stop trafficking onto everyone’s smartphone.

Extend preventing human trafficking into your network: contact us to rebrand the stop app and support your organisation to prevent modern slavery.

To find out more about our Traffik Analysis Hub (and book a demonstration of the platform) or to find out more about our MSIN or Power of 10 programmes, please email us at [email protected].

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