Office Space for STOP THE TRAFFIK

Seeking a new type of partnership where commercial space is donated to provide a charity with a sustainable place to call home.

All of us are navigating a new way of working and we believe this offers a new way for not-for-profit and businesses to work together, especially in a world managing the effects of Covid-19.

We are now looking for a new partnership to find an arrangement of how office space can be shared. As a charity, rather than paying rent, we want to make effective use of our donations and invest them directly into our projects. We are looking for a commercial partner who is looking to use their office space in new and creative ways. By investing this space into STOP THE TRAFFIK, you will be contributing to a world where prevention is possible and people are not exploited and trafficked.

We are a highly professional, original, energised group of change-makers with diverse capabilities drawn together and driven by one vision – to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

The ideal office would have:

  • Space to accommodate 30 staff for the next 3+ years
  • Access to meeting spaces that can accommodate project teams, private virtual calls, presentations with clients, as well as larger, team-wide training and workshops;
  • Access to kitchen and social facilities;
  • Secure storage for small quantities of financial documents, equipment and merchandise;
  • Standard IT infrastructure to support general office use

As a corporate partner donating office space, you will also benefit. This agreement could suit a corporate that is looking to adapt its use of space under a lease with time to run and a desire to innovate. In return for donating office space, you can:

  • Claim back tax relief from your in-kind donation;
  • Claim back business rates for used office space
  • Receive project updates that highlight the change your donation has made, which can be used in your CSR reporting;
  • Get you first year access to the TAHUB for free;
  • Share skills and knowledge for future projects 

STOP THE TRAFFIK Office Space Poster

Help STOP THE TRAFFIK Find an Office Space

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To find out more information and explore this opportunity further then please get in contact with us at: [email protected]. Alternatively, call us on 02079214258


STOP THE TRAFFIK is a not-for-profit that works with transnational business leaders, governmental bodies and other community organisations to prevent human trafficking. Using our intelligence-led capabilities, driven by AI, we are disrupting global industries that rely on exploitation to exist.

Our work has included working with 150+ global, local and community organisations. Partners who have joined us in this mission include tech leaders, such as IBM and Facebook, financial service providers, such as Santander, Red Compass and Western Union, as well as large scale businesses such as Whitbread and Costa Coffee.

Who is Traffik Analysis Hub?

Traffik Analysis Hub (TAHUB) is a sister charity that STOP THE TRAFFIK founded in 2017. Both organisations work together to prevent human trafficking.

TAHUB facilitates the need for organisations in every sector to access the richest repository of stories of trafficking in order to prevent people trafficking.

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