Slavery: Still big business?

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s event Monday, 19 November 2018 


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 STOP THE TRAFFIK’s event at Facebook’s London Headquarters brought together industry leaders from the business, finance and NGO sectors to discuss strategies for disrupting human trafficking. Here are some of the highlights from the night: 

01:30 – Opening video, The Fenlands

A short video kicks off the evening demonstrating STOP THE TRAFFIK’s work in collaboration with Facebook and emphasising the impact of our intelligence-led approach to disrupting human trafficking in vulnerable communities.

 “This is the best I have ever seen in over 40 years in the business” – Neil Giles, Director for STOP THE TRAFFIK


06.15 – Welcome – Ruth Dearnley, STOP THE TRAFFIK & Gail Kent, Facebook

We are here today because it is still big business” – Ruth Dearnley OBE, CEO for STOP THE TRAFFIK Global

Facebook’s Global Public Policy Lead, Gail Kent and STOP THE TRAFFIK’S CEO, Ruth Dearnley welcome both new and old partners and friends to the Slavery: Still Big Business event. Ruth speaks about the work STT are implementing and introduces the Director for STOP THE TRAFFIK, Neil Giles.


09:40 – What does STT do? – Neil Giles, STOP THE TRAFFIK

 “We are about following the intelligence…with the enormity of this problem you need to think in ways that are unconventional” – Neil Giles, Director for STOP THE TRAFFIK

Neil Giles outlines the need to use our limited resources to fight human trafficking efficiently. If we want to prevent trafficking we cannot focus only on rescue and prosecution; we must become predictive.

Human trafficking is hidden in plain sight and to combat it we need to use technology effectively and collaborate across sectors. STOP THE TRAFFIK an Intelligence-Led Prevention model.


23:50 – Panel discussion with Facebook, Barclays and Deloitte

The panel of industry experts discussed the role of business, financial institutions and NGOs in working together to fight against this crime. They discussed the challenges of tackling human trafficking in their industries and their collaborative work with STOP THE TRAFFIK.

 “If you’ve got a variety of different groups and stakeholders in the room then you come up with different types of solutions”- Gail Kent, Global Public Policy Lead at Facebook  

Winning here is about making it very difficult for criminals to succeed”- Geraldine Lawler, Global Head of Financial Crime for Barclays plc

What works absolutely is partnership working”- Sir Rob Wainwright, Senior Partner for Deloitte

MC: Caroline Taylor, Chair of the Board of Trustees for STOP THE TRAFFIK Global


  • Sir Rob Wainwright, Senior Partner for Deloitte 
  • Geraldine Lawler, Global Head of Financial Crime for Barclays plc
  • Gail Kent, Global Public Policy Lead for Facebook on Law Enforcement and Surveillance


41:58 – Introducing the Traffik Analysis Hub – Caroline Taylor, IBM

Technology is an amazing enabler”- Caroline Taylor, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications for IBM Sales & Distribution

For many years, IBM has been providing analytical capabilities to STOP THE TRAFFIK. Caroline describes the importance of technology and data in the disruption of human trafficking.

Last month STOP THE TRAFFIK announced the launch of the Traffik Analysis Hub, with partners including IBM, Liberty Shared, Western Union, Barclays Bank Plc, Europol, Lloyds Banking Group Plc and University College London.


47:35 – Demonstrating the Traffik Analysis Hub – John McGrath, IBM

Part of our challenge from day one was to drive this to scale and to automate it as much as we can”- John McGrath, Senior Solution Architect for IBM Watson Cloud Platform Services

John gives a live demonstration of the Traffik Analysis Hub showing its mapping capabilities through a geospatial display. This mechanism has many ways of representing the collected data, for efficient and detailed analysis.


1:05:27 – Close –Ruth Dearnley, STT

Together we can do something quite extraordinary”- Ruth Dearnley, CEO for STOP THE TRAFFIK Global

Ruth closes with a powerful message about the need for us all to take action and for STT’s model to scale. We are not currently winning the fight against human trafficking, we ask you to join us because together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK.

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