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We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge, a remarkable opportunity that allows any donation received between November 28th and December 5th to be doubled at no additional cost to the donor. Your generosity during this crucial week can make a significant impact in our ongoing efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking worldwide.

Our prevention programmes provide critical safety information and support to high-risk communities vulnerable to exploitation:

When you choose to contribute during this special week, your donation will be doubled, amplifying its impact without any additional cost to you. This means that your generosity will go twice as far in our shared commitment to creating a world where no person is bought and sold.

To double your donation and be part of this impactful initiative, click here today. Your support is a crucial step towards building a safer and more secure world for those at risk of exploitation.

As an example of the work your donation could fund, you can read Bale’s* true story below. We were able to help Bale* but we want to create a world where his exploitation was prevented right from the start, and he never had to endure this suffering:

Bale’s* Story

Bale is a 27-year-old man who was born and living in a small town in Uganda. There were limited work opportunities, and one day Bale saw a job advertisement on a reputable recruitment site for a role in Online Sales based in Thailand. The role was offering an extremely good wage, as well as an offer to cover expenses for employees’ to travel to Thailand. Bale applied by following a link from the reputable site to another website.

Bale got the job, and travelled to Thailand. However, when he landed he was immediately forced to travel with his ‘employers’ (traffickers) to a border town in Myanmar. He was taken to a forced scamming centre where he was kept with around 100 other victims.

Bale was forced to scam people in Western countries through romance scams, using a fake profile on dating sites to form relationships with scam victims and encourage them to invest in cryptocurrency through a fake website.

Bale was forced to carry out this scamming by his traffickers who used threats, psychological intimidation and physical force and abuse.

Bale was able to contact us directly at STOP THE TRAFFIK, covertly using his phone after working hours.

Our approach was twofold:

  • We worked to secure Bale’s release, through sharing the details of the call centre and the case with law enforcement agencies including Interpol and with local NGOs in Thailand and Myanmar. We have successfully co-ordinated the release of 3 victims and we are supporting the ongoing effort to release all the victims in this compound.
  • We gathered intelligence and worked with a cyber intelligence firm to find out more about the criminal network, writing and sharing reports to send to banks, law enforcement, and businesses for follow up, including bank account info of the perpetrators, IP address of the scam centre, internet domain names and email addresses associated with the various identified scam sites, recruitment companies and other stakeholders, all with the aim of disrupting the criminal network.

We are relieved that we were able to help to rescue Bale, but we want to create a world where this exploitation could have been prevented, so that Bale never had to endure this trauma.

*This is a true story with the name and some small details changed for anonymity.

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